New Year, Not So New Me… I Quit (The Gym)

Ever think to yourself: I belong to way too many things: email lists, Pintrest boards, etc.?

For me it was the gym.

I actually stopped using the facility a while ago and to be honest, it wasn’t fun anymore. To be perfectly honest with you, I started to hate it – the waiting for equipment, wiping it down cause the last person didn’t pay it forward, parking, inconsistent cleanliness of the showers, and the fact that I “belonged” to four at my peak weirded me out.

Did I see results? Yes. Was it worth the time and effort? Absolutely.

You see, for me it wasn’t community enough. I loved teaching spin at the Y, working out with my PAL, Lisa when we used to work closer together, and I absolutely love boutique fitness classes like Barry’s Boot Camp and SoulCycle. These were places where there was no judgement and I could literally lose myself.

And then there was the “nutrition plan.”

I would work out and put myself on some plan, where yes the protein shakes and egg whites toned my muscles but I was hangry most of the day. “Fuel” they call it is not a way to live. For those of you that know me taking beautiful pictures of food is my real workout.

So, I have quit the gym(s) and now, my exercise will come purely in the form of getting outside starting off with walking then back into running (I’ve done 33 half marathons what’s a few more?), beautiful hikes through nature, taking a boutique fitness class here and there, jumping on the Peleton, and getting a kettlebell workout in while in my backyard.

I know sometimes days will go by and I’ll be too busy… and I’m totally cool with that. You may love working out and that’s great. Everyone is different and we are allowed to change our minds a million times while we grow up. And, really the fear of gaining a few pounds because of something extremely delicious is so beyond me. I honestly can’t imagine life any other way without a piece of bacon or a cookie here and there.

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