Vol. 2. Ch. 2. Day 1 – How To Keep A Millennial

Let’s be real. I’m not your typical millennial (or newly minted xennial). Somehow, I have managed to work for the same company for over 18 years now. That’s pretty unheard of for my people.

It could’ve been my upbringing. Both my parents worked their jobs well past the 20-year mark and were constant reminders that you just don’t quit something because you had a bad day, you don’t get along with someone, or something was “too hard.” You tough it out. And yes, the “me generation” is always after the quick buck, corner office, and social stat, but really for what? Because you worked so hard you “deserve it?”

I’m about to make two very differing references – one to The Devil Wears Prada and the other to Forbes.

If you’re going to go into a new job do your research. The industry varies with culture: people, location, etc. In The Devil Wears Prada, the lesson is you learn to adapt or you get out. Nothing is going to be as hard as it was on Day 1 of a new job. Trust me I work in Corporate HR – those are two words people run from. I had no clue what it would really be like, but you just roll with the punches and then soon you’re putting your stamp on things and making them your own. Here’s a fun Buzzfeed to the “29 Of The Most Iconic Lines From “The Devil Wears Prada”

But where I do become a typical millennial is in my need for three things:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Flexibility in where I work
  • Encouraging development

It’s no secret that I love what I do, I aim to be so client focused that it sometimes feels like I’m running a small company within company. And while it’s a ripple, you have to make sure your ripples are connected so you make waves. Those waves equal results, and results (big or small) equal your success.

Somedays, I don’t like working at a desk. Neither should you. You should think about what drives your creativity. Is it an occasional day in bed to catch up or maybe working outdoors? For me, most days its drawing on large sheets of paper or starting my date off with a creative writing exercise. This is my flexibility. This is what keeps me sane.

Development. Forget sending me to do another online training. Send me to go meet with people. Let me find out how I can help others, and how others can help our business. Let me develop in ways that are so untraditional that we can grow better, together.

There’s more on these topics in this awesome Forbes article, ” How To Keep Millennials Employed With Your Company

In the meantime, my non-typical/typical millennial self is going to post a selfie.

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