Tribe Thursday

Since the dawn of man (no, this is not a history lesson) tribes have existed to survive – hunting, gathering and living together. At the dawn of man, there also weren’t 7.6 billion on Earth, so tribing with your BFF was likely easier.

Fast forward. First day of kindergarten. You are either a nervous mess, because you are an introvert and until now only knew a few friends via play dates and hanging with mom – or – are literally the kid who so excited to be there, you don’t listen to teacher and you do you. In all your runny nose, missing front teeth glory, this is where you find one of your first true tribes.

Tribe v. hive, or as I like to call it interesting facts I found on the internet.

According to NatGeo, today there are over 100 uncontacted tribal peoples worldwide. This means that from the Amazon to the Andaman Sea and the remote highland rain forests of West Papua, more than 100 tribes still live — and live successfully — in isolation from the mainstream society of their country.

Beyoncé also has 109m followers on Instagram. Could an anthropological discovery 10,000 years from now consider them a modern tribe as well?

And for those of you trying to find a tribe, some sage advice from Amy Poehler delivered at Harvard College Class Day in 2011:

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, and spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

No matter your tribe, love them hard — because you can’t do epic shit with basic people!

Talk to me about your tribe in the comment section.

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