Foodie Friday: Frozen Custard v. Frozen Everything Else

Picture it, you’re about 8 or 9 years old, it’s a hot summer day, the ice cream truck comes rolling along, you dig into your allowance and pick out just enough for your favorite cool down treat — a red, white, and blue rocket pop.

As time progressed your taste and refinement for frozen novelties change and now that rocket pop taste may shift more to milk-based treats. And while, everyone knows ice cream as well, ice cream there’s its cousin, frozen custard.

Not as popular where I live (but give the hipsters time), frozen custard differentiates with one key ingredient – egg yolk. All other ingredients are the same as regular ice cream, but the yolk creates a thicker product, which in turn creates the best tasting treat.

So what’s in “regular ice cream?” Ice cream proper itself is usually about 20% cream and 10% milk, and will contain at least 10% fat. In classic form, it will be less dense and is often served very frozen.

Then there is the Italian ice cream stallion, gelato. He always seems try to be the label whore in the family, having fancy and sometimes hard to pronounce flavors — stracciatella for example. During production it’s is churned very slowly, making it much more dense than regular ice cream. However, it contains about 5-7% less fat, due to the higher ratio of milk to cream.

Well there you have it. It may be winter, but I’m thinking about you frozen custard, are you thinking about me?

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