Church. Yesterday.

No matter your preference in religion, even if you are atheist – this post is going to be relevant to you.

You see the thing with church for me is a mixed bag. I enjoy the traditional thousand-year-old practices cause it’s “classic” but I also enjoy the modern rock out sing-a-long.

What both practice is community and messaging. The message doesn’t always pertain to God, but all the time it does pertain to you.

Yesterday’s message was about freedom. Appropriate to it being Martin Luther King, Jr. day, today.

It always starts with celebrating your own personal freedom – that of which you control. There may be variables that hold you back from this feeling and breaking those chains may not always be easy. Once you set yourself free, you can help others attain their freedom.

You may want freedom from a bad living situation, freedom from addiction to something, freedom to be more an awesome you. And, yes it may not sound as easy as I make it sound. Freedom is certainly not always overnight.

What matters is that you should always know your self worth. I don’t practice this enough myself in my life, as I feel that I have many freedoms that so many already have. And, this feeling IMO is something I’d rather share than take advantage of.

To be honest, to be perfectly honest (and not to take any credit), I didn’t make a monetary offering yesterday. I knew I saw a many who was asking for coffee on the way into church, so I gave him a $1 on the way out, told him “God bless.” Some people think what if he was a beggar using the money to just buy drugs or alcohol. It’s the age old question isn’t it? But who am I to judge? Do I know what freedoms this gentlemen does not have? Do you?

I leave you with this one thought: freedom is a combination of two syllables: ‘free’ and ‘dom.’ The word, free as an adverb means “without cost or payment.” Dom used as a suffix means “denoting a state or condition.” It does not cost you a thing to lift the top two corners of your mouth up – and that is the simpliest form of freedom anyone can share.

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