The Envelope Please: How to Watch All 9 Best Picture Nominees

I challenged myself to watch all the best picture nominees this year – before the actual ceremony. In case you plan to binge watch them, here is a review on each and in the order, I think you should watch them in. (Oh ya, spoilers ahead.) Get Out. Start here, especially if you’re not intoContinue reading “The Envelope Please: How to Watch All 9 Best Picture Nominees”

Weenier, weenier… Costco deenier.

Hot dogs. Probably not the healthiest thing to eat. But if you’re feeling poor and want a quick fix, you’re likely heading to your local Costco, am I right? I was recently having a hot dog with my mom at the local Costco. And not only is it one of my favorite memories of doingContinue reading “Weenier, weenier… Costco deenier.”

Foodie Friday: Frozen Custard v. Frozen Everything Else

Picture it, you’re about 8 or 9 years old, it’s a hot summer day, the ice cream truck comes rolling along, you dig into your allowance and pick out just enough for your favorite cool down treat — a red, white, and blue rocket pop. As time progressed your taste and refinement for frozen noveltiesContinue reading “Foodie Friday: Frozen Custard v. Frozen Everything Else”

First Follower: How to Start A Movement

During a meeting today, the term “first follower” was brought up. In context, it was about making sure one of our programs resonated in remote locations, and identifying who those first followers could be, but it was more about finding the lone nut. This reminded me of a TedTalk back in 2010 by Derek Sivers:Continue reading “First Follower: How to Start A Movement”

Foodie Friday: Ginormus Cinnamon Rolls

Each Friday, Adventures in Ralphieland brings you Foodie Friday – a culinary exploration of something to cook or somewhere to go, but definitely something to eat during the weekend. Today, ginormus cinnamon rolls. Sometimes when I’m at the local mall, I walk a little slower when I’m passing Cinnabon. I mean, admit it, you doContinue reading “Foodie Friday: Ginormus Cinnamon Rolls”