The Envelope Please: How to Watch All 9 Best Picture Nominees

I challenged myself to watch all the best picture nominees this year – before the actual ceremony. In case you plan to binge watch them, here is a review on each and in the order, I think you should watch them in. (Oh ya, spoilers ahead.) Get Out. Start here, especially if you’re not intoContinue reading “The Envelope Please: How to Watch All 9 Best Picture Nominees”

Weenier, weenier… Costco deenier.

Hot dogs. Probably not the healthiest thing to eat. But if you’re feeling poor and want a quick fix, you’re likely heading to your local Costco, am I right? I was recently having a hot dog with my mom at the local Costco. And not only is it one of my favorite memories of doingContinue reading “Weenier, weenier… Costco deenier.”

New Year, Not So New Me… I Quit (The Gym)

Ever think to yourself: I belong to way too many things: email lists, Pintrest boards, etc.? For me it was the gym. I actually stopped using the facility a while ago and to be honest, it wasn’t fun anymore. To be perfectly honest with you, I started to hate it – the waiting for equipment,Continue reading “New Year, Not So New Me… I Quit (The Gym)”